About Us

At Manrags, we’re passionate about producing superior men’s essentials because we know that if you feel great, you’ll do great things.

We offer our members premium socks and underwear, made using 100% Egyptian cotton and deliver them direct to you at your desired frequency.

Designed in Australia, our unique socks and underwear add a touch of wit and charisma to your every look, be it daily suiting, special occasion or smart casual. We embrace individuality and bravura and guarantee you’ll feel confident in our socks and underwear. 

Our style experts go to extreme lengths to ensure our designs are unique so they make the outfit, not complement it. We’re fashion-focused and respect trends (rather than slaving for them) and seasonality. If you’ve got any style questions, head to our Style Guide for tips and tricks. 

Manrags socks and jocks are produced in Egypt to ensure our quality is of the best possible standard. Egyptian cotton is the highest grade in the world - the king of all cottons! It feels smooth and luxurious on the skin, retains rich and bright colour and is stress-resistant to last even longer.

And thanks to our in-house end-to-end production and distribution process, we can offer our world class products at the best possible price. 

As an added bonus, we offer our world-first “Washing Machine Monster” policy, because we know what it’s like to have half a draw full of single socks. This awesome policy allows you to inform us if a Manrags sock has gone astray so we can replace it. Free of charge. 

You’re welcome.

How it Works

We offer our customers different subscription types, which include socks only, underwear only and a combination of both. We give you the option to choice your desired frequency and then have them delivered directly to you.  It’s as simple as that.