The global subscription e-commerce market has grown by more than 100% year on year over the past five years. 


Fuelled by venture-capital investments, startups have launched these businesses in a wide range of categories including beer and wine, child and baby items, contact lenses, cosmetics, pet food, razors, women’s and men’s apparel, video games, vitamins and, of course, underwear and socks.

Subscription-based offerings are business models where a customer pays a subscription fee in order to access the products or services. Subscription businesses give their members peace of mind as they save time, offer convenience and in most cases (like ours) offer competitive pricing.

The global e-commerce market is growing quickly with a finding that 49% of Online Shoppers are subscribing to online subscription offerings in 2017.

The largest retailers generating more than AUD $3.5B in sales in 2016, up from AUD $77M in 2011 representing a 46 x growth applying the same growth trajectory.

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